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Asking the Fox to check on the Hen!

Wearables emit emf & transmit health data, vital signs, & glucose levels, to your smartphone, laptop & the cloud, this would be great if the culmination of all of these Iot weren’t contributing to heart arrhythmia, calcium channels disruption, DNA damage, diabetes! This is like asking the Fox to check the hen!

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5G Faces its Biggest Obstacle: Health Impacts

5G Faces its Biggest Obstacle: Health Impacts Hundreds of Independent Peer-Reviewed Studies Show Positive Correlation Between RF Microwave Radiation Exposure and Biological Damage NEWS PROVIDED BY Grassroots Environmental Education  SHARE THIS ARTICLE WASHINGTON, Sept. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A new national coalition of grassroots organizations is today calling on the Federal Communications Commission to stop the fast-track rollout of 5G infrastructure, which they say will result in the involuntary exposure of millions of Americans to dangerous levels of RF microwave radiation without their knowledge or consent. Representatives of the coalition, Americans for Responsible Technology, have recently delivered to key congressional legislators a selected digest of 147 recent studies showing a positive link between exposure to microwave radiation and damage to biological systems. In...

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