EMF/EMR Featured Collection

  • EMF/EMR Shielding
  • Microfiber applications
  • Attenuation rates from 25dB to 45dB
  • 90% to 99% shielding effectiveness from 3Ghz to 10Ghz
  • Care-Machine washable with cold water, do not iron, bleach or dry clean.
  • All products meet the SGS-CSTS Consumer Testing Safety Certification
  • Designed with Smart & Sustainable Textiles

5G  invades our sweat ducts/glands!  4G; 4LTE; & IOT technology crosses the BBB and gets into the vital body regions

Children and Elderly groups have thinner skin layers

A Nu Trend’s patent-pending multi-layer undergarments have (3) goals:

1. Offering microfiber absorption and barrier for sweat and water production.

2.RF-EMF shielding smart-textile products to reduce exposure to 4G, 4LTE, 5G, and IOT technology

3. All products have 1-3 (3rd party testing certifications)

a.Infants/Toddlers products have CPSIA compliance,  absence of lead, phalate, solvent properties, and no VOC, products consist of Eco-PUL or Bamboo fabrics, Oeko-Tex certifications for (infant skin) and other microfiber applications

b. Male and Female adult products consist of smart-textiles that have met Independent  shielding and Attenuation certifications and passed the SGS-CSTS consumer Testing Safety Certification