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EMF/EMR Healthy Trends

  • EMF/EMR Shielding
  • Microfiber applications
  • Attenuation rates from 25dB to 45dB
  • 90% to 99% shielding effectiveness from 3Ghz to 10Ghz
  • Care-Machine washable with cold water, do not iron, bleach or dry clean.
  • Designed with Smart & Sustainable Textiles

Shielding undergarments that are comfortable and protect vital body organs from being exposed to high pulsating waves.  Products include microfiber applications, light-weight & breathable lycra, cotton, or jersey knit fabrics.  Smart textile materials that are eco-friendly with shielding attenuation rates from 25 dB to 45dB with a 90% to 99% shielding effectiveness at 3Ghz to 10Ghz for adults and 1Ghz to 3Ghz for infants & toddlers.

Infant and Children's undergarments also include Oeko-Tex certifications that meet ecological safety requirements for infant wear.  All products meet the SGS-CSTS Consumer Testing Safety Certification/