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Disclaimer & Warnings:

A Nu Trend, Inc. production line and other promotional offers from partnerships, affiliates, distributors, and subsidiaries are for informed retail consumers. A Nu Trend, Inc., is not responsible for any content or product from any third-party sites. A Nu Trend, Inc., should be held free of any liability for any health or medical issues obtain during or before the use of any products purchased through this site or other affiliate sites. Retail shielding undergarments are designed to lessen radio/wave pulsating (EMF/EMR) exposure and will not prevent, treat, or cure any health-related condition or disease. The special shielding undergarments are designed to act as a barrier, by deflecting and/or reducing exposure for consumers that are in prolonged or frequent exposure to microwave radiation and millimeter waves with ranges from (10MHz to 10 GHz).  Undergarments items will not shield other portions or regions of the body than the intended application of the product specification such as lower reproductive region, chest and breast cavity.  Shielding is only in the frontal regions and is not in a 360 degree angle.  Products are designed based on the inverse square reversal law that supports that any EMF/RF emitting wave will be deflected and exposure will decrease. Therefore if the source of strength is within a range of 1 meter it will be reduced to 1/4 as well as be deflected away from vital body regions.