Welcome to A Nu Trend®


A Nu Trend® has been an ongoing vision for me and I'd like to share a little behind my goals for this company.  I  started A Nu Trend® to develop products that make a significant difference by offering aesthetical appeal, safety, and resonate the current trends for the health conscientious consumer.

My name is Delores Harrell, I hold a Doctorate & Masters in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D),  along with a Master's of Public Health in Maternal & Child Health.  I have worked with individuals of all ages and have a wide range of experience in the mental and psychological field.  I have over 28 years of experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate psychology, public health, and human service students.  I am the Founder and CEO of A Nu Trend®.

I gained an interest in the electromagnetic field nearly eight years ago, this is when I first began to experience overwhelming physiological pain and sought medical evaluations with the belief that I might have a terminal illness.   After numerous exams and a few misdiagnoses, I began to realize that I was engulfed by radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiation on a daily basis.  I was constantly around 2 to 10 computers as well as multiple cellular and other wireless devices for my professional work.  The classification of Electro-magnetic hypersensitive (EHS) would be a good description of some of the symptoms that I was experiencing. 

I began to research this area and found myself identifying with not only the need to inform others but to establish a way to make a difference.  EMF/EMR mirrors  2nd hand smoke by sneaking into our homes, work, and recreational environments in extreme rates.  Society cannot afford to wait for another 20 years to see the outcome of studies that are not in sync with the current technology, we have already waited on the National Toxicology Program (NTP) report for 20 years.  However, the studies from independent researchers show compelling evidence about the risk and harm to the public.  It took nearly (40) years for the risk from cigarettes to gain the carcinogenic labels that would inform the consumer of the harmful risk. If we wait and ignore the risk we are doing ourselves and our families a disservice.  Our children and adolescents are the most vulnerable groups based on their fascination with evolving gadgets and a habitual need to rely on the growing technical savvy devices.  The EMF/EMR products designed by A Nu Trend® will act as a barrier and deflect the RF-EMF pulsating waves away from the major body regions. In addition, the 5th Generation (5G) technology will impact future generations and has been reported to accelerate bacterial growth with the millimeter frequencies absorbing into human sweat ducts. The Smart Textile fabrics selected by A Nu Trend® will provide moisture wicking antimicrobial properties to minimize the proliferation of bacterial production.